SageMath Notebook in systemd

In this short post I want to show you how to implement the sage notebook as a service in systemd, running as a non-privileged user  (I used a Fedora 20 system here). The service will start the sage notebook server automatically whenever the machine boots. This is very useful if you run sagemath in a VM appliance and do not want to use the graphical login from the VM, but the browser from your VirtualBox host.

Just put the shown file mysage.service into the directory /etc/systemd/system/ and correct the username (or remove the user line if you want to run as root, but I think you should avoid that for security reasons).

The above example will run the sage notebook in secure mode. If you don’t need this, then just remove the secure=True entry from the ExecStart line.

After you have finished editing the file, you just need to run

to get started. Have fun!

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